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The Cryptoids is a collection of interactive NFTs directly playable on Opensea.
Each NFT is a virtual pet that you need to care for to see it level up and evolve. 
Play with your cryptoid, collect items, decorations and unlock achievements.
All of which will increase your NFT rarity!

In the world of NFTs, Cryptoids is a pioneering project, the first of its kind: the entire collection is interactive. This lets everyone see your creature, collection and the island you have beautified, all directly on Opensea or any other platform

The Cryptoids has a unique rank and rarity system based on your involvement in the game. It depends entirely on what items and decorations you have gathered during the game. The more things you collect, trophies you obtain, and achievements you complete, the higher your rarity score and, therefore, your NFT rank within the collection!

The Cryptoids is a virtual pet and collection game in which the player -owner of an NFT ‘The Cryptoids’- must take care of a unique and magical creature called a Cryptoid. Playing quests and mini-games will earn you XP -experience points- and STARDUST -the main currency of the game- which you will use to evolve your creature and customize your island.


We’re positioning ourselves as trailblazers and thought leaders that do not follow trends; we’re setting new standards & pushing boundaries in the NFT industry.. We take pleasure in stepping outside the status quo and advancing with inventiveness.


Web and marketing agency

I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Multimedia Design and Development and started my own company during my early career. My brand has been operational and prosperous for six years, from which I have developed many skillsets, like entrepreneurship and building strong relationships with my clients. This experience proved very useful in my journey to develop The Cryptoids, which I was able to apply them in web development, motion design, project management, marketing, and design. I am a firm believer that communication is a key ingredient to a project’s success.


Blockchain and game developer

Since graduating with a PhD in Bioinformatics in 2019, I started my career as a full-stack developer for a French startup, which I attribute my attainment of many technical skills there. However, I started developing a desire for something more. I chanced upon web3 and was immediately captivated by the technology and the opportunities that it will bring, and to realise these I knew I gotta be my own boss. Consequently, I delved into web3 technologies, studied them intensively and became well-versed in smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps). I am heavily involved in development of The Cryptoids dApp with a full stack app (Python/Flask/PostgreSQL for the backend and React for the frontend).


Collab & Partners


Collab & Partners


Discord Moderator





What Matters

With a market saturated with similar designs, processes, & visions. Our approach to our project is unconventional and incomparable to anything in Web3. We are creating an inviting space for like-minded people to connect beyond words. Our gaming ecosystem for creatives, techies, collectors, and enthusiasts is an inclusive space for unparalleled experiences.
The Cryptoids offers whimsical pixel-art Web3 gaming experiences that garner community, interactivity, and engagement. We bridge the gap by creating an interactive relationship between our consumers and NFTs. We envision a community that unites through play, mindfulness, and interconnectedness through dynamic gamification processes.
Our core values represent how we engage, connect, and pave the way for our community. Each asset, touchpoint, collaboration, or campaign reflects them.

how it all began

As a couple in life, Cromain and Myu, started collaborating in 2021. Cromain worked as a web developer for Myu’s company. They are passionate about video games, which led to them working on a mobile game project.
Wizard Pixel Farm was the ancestor of The Cryptoids. The two founders developed the game entirely during the spring and summer of 2021. Motivated by their desire to publish their game, the creators investigated other options to fund their project and delved into the world of NFTs.
Initially, you were a wizard and owner of a magical farm where you raised cryptids. In this management game, you collect ingredients to make and sell potions. The Cryptoids may have a different concept today, but some mechanics are similar, and you can expect some of the old features to return.

Coming next

END OF APRIL – Owners authentification + XP and Coins collection
MAY – Treasure Hunt + Daily Quests + Baby evolution + Full Collection

PHASE I - 03/2022 > 05/2022

PHASE II - 06/2022 > 07/2022

PHASE III - 08/2022 > 09/2022


In order to create an exciting and fun experience for our players, we are collaborating with other NFT collections to add them to our game. As their holder you can unlock exclusive content from your favourite project including themed decorations and special achievements.

Genesis cryptoids


Genesis have some kind of special magic aura; cute little lights floating around them, so this will be easy to tell them apart from non-genesis.


Genesis cryptoids have access to special decorations and exclusive content.


Since they are the first cryptoids, genesis will have early access to the game and will have a significant advantage compared to the non-genesis cryptoids.


Genesis will generate more in-game coins and experience points in their daily quests and mini-games!